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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan can save money and unnecessary stress during a difficult time in a family's life. These plans are integral to ensuring a person's wishes are carried on after they pass. The services provided for a simple estate include but are not limited to:

                     - Will Creation/Review

                     - Family Trust Creation/Review

                     - Durable Power of Attorney Creation

                     - Guardianship Appointment Creation

                     - Probate Administration

Other services available for more complex estates include:

                - Business Succession Planning

                                   - Shareholder Agreements

                                   - Buy-Sell Agreements

                                   - Family Partnerships

                                   - LLC Operating Agreements

                    - Insurance Trusts

                    - Charitable Trusts

                    - Prenuptial Agreements

                    - Marital Deduction Trusts

                    - Qualified Personal Residence Trust

       We strive to ensure that all of our client's wishes are carried out while simultaneously minimizing taxes and estate expenses.

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