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Environmental Law

We only have one world to live on, and it is quickly becoming apparent that a drastic increase in population and the average standard of living has resulted in unforeseen consequenses. The Law Office of Andrew L. Morin, PLLC, considers this issue to be of the upmost importance in the coming decades. Some of the areas of environmental law we currently work on include:


Do you have a property you want to see preserved but don't know how to do it? Let The Law Office of Andrew L. Morin, PLLC help. Each situation dealing with real estate is unique, so we will work with you to determine which tools will best allow you to conserve your land. These instruments range from a simple deed restirction to a more complex but longer lasting conservation easement.


With rising energy costs many homeowners want to invest in alternative energy but are daunted by the process. The Law Office of Andrew L. Morin, PLLC helps residential homeowners with all aspects of their alternative energy projects; covering diverse topics such as:

           - Determining what type of alternative energy (solar? wind? geothermal? biomass?) would be best suited to your situation.

           - Negotiate, draft, and review contracts entered into with construction contractors.

           - Ensure Zoning and Building Codes are met.

           - Research and apply for applicable federal, state and local rebates/financing.


  Just a few generations ago the cities of the Northeast were surrounded by farms. Now less than 1% of the population works in agriculture. The process of opening, owning and operating a farm encompasses various legal issues, so any individual who currently owns or is planning on opening a farm in the future is encouraged to call the Law Office of Andrew L. Morin, PLLC to set up a free consultation.

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