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Business Law

As the son of a small business owner, Andrew Morin knows how important matters can be put off during an entrepreneur's busy day. Even though small businesses deal with numerous legal issues they often don't seek representation until a problem occurs, at which point it is usually too late to resolve without enduring a cumbersome and expensive process. The Law Office of Andrew L. Morin, PLLC, can assist your small business in numerous ways, including but not limited to:    

    - Creation/Planning

    - Contract Negotiation, Prepare and Review

    - Mergers & Acquisitions

    - Sale of Business

    - Dissolution

    - Succession planning

    - Zoning

    - Consulting

    - Mediation

    - Partnership Agreements- It's extremely important to have a solid contract between partners to avoid future hardship.

   - LLC Operating Agreements- Did you know that if you do not have one of these documents, even if you are a single-member LLC, that your personal assets are likely not protected from disputes arising out of the business? If you do not possess an LLC Operating Agreement please call The Law Office of Andrew L. Morin PLLC, and set up a free consultation, otherwise your personal assets may be in jeopardy, particularly in litigation prone industries such as construction.

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